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About Autobacs

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What Moves You.

Our roots are in the retail business, and we bring our passion for motorsports and the expertise of private brand products to excite customers around the world. Everything is rooted here, everything is for the moment that moves you. For our customers, and for all the employees who support them. We have incorporated these ideas into the tagline and message of our global brand.


  • Boost your life with cars
  • Boost motorization
  • Boost society

By providing support to enrich the life with cars for every single customer, we will contribute to the expansion and promotion of motorization and the economic development of each region or nation.

Our Vision
Our Mission


Safety, comfort and excitement for life with cars for all people around the world.


  • Maintain and condition cars for longevity
  • High quality you can trust from a Japanese brand
  • Deliver high performance and value

From our roots and experience as a retail store operator, we know our customers.

Brand Values
Target Audience


  • For customers who expect high performance and value
  • For anyone with a love of cars
  • For people who invest in the economic growth of society

What Moves You.